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Stage 1: Protein

Stage 1: Protein

Stage 1 is the first step you take toward reaching your weight loss goals. By default, resources for this stage are available for your to access for free upon registration on 2020Lifestyles.com. The resources appear in the Dashboard once you select "Don't Show This Message Again" under "Welcome to 20/20 LifeStyles". However, before starting this stage, we encourage you to watch "Overview to Your Program" in the Videos --> Free Videos section of your 20/20 LifeStyles Tracker. 

During this stage, you'll jump start your weight loss and control hunger and cravings. 

Each meal includes a 20/20 LifeStyles High Protein Shake with a lean protein such as grilled chicken, turkey, lean beef, or egg whites for lunch and dinner. You may access the free Stage 1 Content Pack, which includes a video, meal plan, grocery list, recipes and weekly workout under Resources & Tools or on your Dashboard. 

We also recommend that you watch the free Introductory Seminar videos to better understand the factors affecting weight gain, plus helpful weight loss tips. 

Get started now in Stage 1 by returning to your Tracker. 

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