Stage 6: Legumes

Stage 6: Legumes

By the end of Stage 5, you are truly seeing successful results by following the 20/20 LifeStyles program for weight loss. It's time to move on to Stage 6. 

Recommended foods added in Stage 6 include Pinto, Garbanzo or black beans, non-fat refried beans, hummus and lentil soups. In this stage, you will continue to have protein and vegetables at lunch and dinner. 

Snacks should consist of protein supplements, fruit, low fat cheese and dairy- adding one serving of beans per day, if desired. Consider beans as one carbohydrate serving and one ounce of protein. To better understand how to incorporate beans into your meal plan, be sure to watch the Stage 6 video. Along with this video, the Stage 6 Content Pack includes a weekly meal plan, grocery list, workout guide and more recipes. 

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