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Stage 7: Whole Grains

Stage 7: Whole Grains

Congratulations on reaching the final stage in 20/20 LifeStyles. Once you complete this stage and have attained your fitness goals, you will progress into the Maintenance Stage to keep on track. 

By reaching Stage 7, you are able to successfully eat all food groups in moderation. By now, you should be comfortable with the meal plan structure and cautiously add in grains such as whole grain breads, tortillas, whole grain past, quinoa, crackers and brown rice. 

Whole grains are added in three stages: (a) whole grain bread products, (b) cooked grains, and (c) whole grain crackers and cereals. Whole grains replace other carbohydrate choices - fruit, dairy or beans - at meals and snacks. We recommend that you start slowly and assess tolerance as you continue to add in new grain groups. This process is thoroughly explained in the Stage 7 video. As in all of our stages, the educational video, weekly meal plan, grocery list, workout guide and recipes are included with the Stage 7 Content Pack. 

Add Stage 7 to your Cart to purchase. Upon completion of your transaction, Stage 7 will appear in your Dashboard and will be available for 7 days. Should you choose to access these resources at a later date, you will be able to do so for only 99 cents for another 7 day period. 

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